Can Divorces End in Disaster Without Lawyers?

Pretty much 95% of the time, divorces can end in disaster without the presence of lawyers. While we don’t advertise our services directly as someone who encourages legally proceeding through a divorce, we still encourage our present clients to hire divorce lawyers in the event of an actual divorce in their lives. In my 20 years of being a divorce… (more…)

About Family Law Property Settlement For Discontinued Marriage

In family law property settlement it is possible and a person is encouraged to settle matters outside of court whenever possible. An agreement can be reached by people in order to decide how assets in the marriage will be divided. Ongoing contribution by one spouse to another may also be included in such an arrangement. After a couple has divorced,… (more…)

An Assessment Of Factors Governing Child Custody

In the event of a divorce, each parent has equal rights to child custody. The judiciary determines the custodian laws and accordingly, in most cases, parents have joint guardianship and equal parental rights. The court of jurisdiction for divorce proceedings controls decisions pertaining to child’s upbringing including education, health care and religious teachings. During separation and divorce proceedings, the court… (more…)