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One of the highly regarded and reputable law groups in the Los Angeles County that primarily deal with Driving Under the Influence arrests is the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros. DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, is one of the most common violations in the United States of America, including the Los Angeles. This particular offense refers to the crime of driving a motor vehicle despite the fact that there is impairment from the use of alcohol or any other drugs, even those that are prescribed by the physician. The intoxication or impairment is offensive enough when it reaches the level where the driver is not capable of driving the motor vehicle safely. For more information about Driving Under the Influence violation, browse through the internet.

It was earlier mentioned that the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros can be one of the top choices for anyone who was arrested and charged with the DUI offense. The said Los Angeles DUI lawyer or law group has been in the industry for over 50 years of combined experience and most proud of successfully litigating over a thousand of the said case in the Los Angeles County. Their professional, ethical, experienced, and aggressive DUI lawyers can face a variety of DUI charges, and one of their highly practiced areas is the simple first offense Driving Under the Influence.

If you have been unfortunately charged with first offense DUI, you can immediately seek Los Angeles DUI lawyer consultation through the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros for free. The said offense may seem simple to deal with but there are still punishments that an individual may face because of being charged with first offense Driving Under the Influence without any aggravating factors. Once found guilty of the said specific offense, an individual would possibly be facing three to nine months worth of alcohol and drug program, a monetary fine of up to $1,800, jail time of 48 hours to six months, license suspension of six to 10 months, as well as three to five years DUI probation. There are other possible additional punishments and you can read about it through the official website of Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros.

It is a fact that conviction and punishments concerning a first offense DUI may vary from one place to another, jurisdiction and jurisdiction, but for a California DUI court system, the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros can be your best choice.

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