Divorce is Big Business

Image source: Salt Lake City tax relief

As a lawyer, I hate the fact that divorce is big business in the USA or in any other country that allows for legal separation of married couples. I have had a lot of my colleagues jump ship from being tax lawyers to becoming divorce lawyers, and that’s pretty sad and awesome at the same time. I’m not saying that divorce is awesome. It’s ugly and it’s very nasty business for the parties involved. It’s also very nasty for the lawyers involved in the proceedings. I don’t specialize in divorce, but I have handled quite a few of them so I speak from experience.

Why is divorce so big in the first place? It’s the fact that the media and a lot of personalities are endorsing their divorces so that it looks like it’s a normal part of marriage. Back then, you couldn’t get a divorce without looking ashamed. But now, you can get a divorce and be even proud of it like you’re counting wives the same way you counted girlfriends before you got married. This statement applies to the celebrities and other icons who just feel like abandoning their marriage because they feel that it’s no longer working.

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